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Panasonic Lumix GX2 launch in August?

Freitag, den 24. Mai 2013

Rumors about Panasonic GX2 camera announcement and expected specifications still in the news. The panasonic dmw bcg10e battery Lumix GX2 is rumored to have the same sensor as Panasonic GH3, but more likely better specifications. Panasonic GX2 may be a 16 megapixel sensor camera. AF speed will also be the same [...]

Gorgeous Wedding Photos on the Streets of New York

Samstag, den 16. März 2013

Central Park

This week, photographer Guillaume Gaudet, who you may remember from that stunning blacked out New York shot or for hisgorgeously gloomy photos of Paris, shot a beautiful wedding session all over New York. Having been a New York street photographer for several years, he knew exactly where to take the couple, [...]

Herbed Windows art

Mittwoch, den 28. November 2012

Herbow is a rain shelter and a window herb garden. A very unique and unconventional combination, but one that works! Given the way counties like Japan have been upping their efforts in going green by growing creepers and other such plants on their building’s external walls, to lower internal temperatures and conserving electricity, these kind [...]

Sony Xperia C650X “Odin”: Official Render image leaked

Montag, den 5. November 2012

Coming from one of the flagships from Sony, the Sony Xperia C650X “Odin” we had already heard rumors a few weeks ago. After an alleged photo of the smartphone is now also a rendered image appeared – after they were initially dismissed as a concept study, hardened now suspect that it is [...]

Sony Xperia pro smartphone on offer at Aldi Sud

Samstag, den 27. Oktober 2012

Aldi offers from Thursday, 25 October 2012, at the Sony Xperia Pro for 179 euros. The smartphone with Android 2.3 came in the early summer of 2011 for the first time in Germany on the market. Without a contract, it then cost 499 euros initially. . In most cases, the customer has [...]

HP TouchPad (tablet) test passed with WebOS on iPad?

Samstag, den 13. Oktober 2012

Furthermore, the TouchPad via a wireless adapter n-standard, but no UMTS module for 3G connection. The tablet features on the front is a 1.3-megapixel camera for video calls. That’s it already – many other tablets have a second camera on the back for taking snapshots. In short: The TouchPad has a set of tools on [...]

Battery Plugged in not charging and not detected solution

Donnerstag, den 12. Januar 2012

I have a Dell inspiron 1545 battery laptop, and when i have the battery charger plugged in, the battery icon says “10% available (plugged in, not charging)”, and if i pull out the cord, the laptop shuts down straight away. Can this be fixed, and if so, how? I bought this laptop new around 6 [...]