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Fridge Magnet – Shelf Life Indicator of Food

Sonntag, den 3. November 2013

Love this concept of the Fridge Magnet that features a QR code-scanning function. Basically it provides information on the shelf life of food and keeps a tab on the expiry dates. In a good way, it also acts as an interactive, informative tool for children. It displays the image of the food [...]

80 Empowered Women Go Bare-Breasted in New York

Samstag, den 2. November 2013

While photographer Jordan Matter portrait perhaps best known for its dancers among us uplifting series , a collection of photographs of dancers jump into the streets of the city, who are his portraits of more than 80 topless women should talk today. For six years , the subject asked women of all [...]

Past 30 Years Kissing photos In New York

Donnerstag, den 10. Oktober 2013

For thirty years, photographer Matt Weber was to capture candid scenes of romantic passion in the streets of New York. His collection Urban Romance reveals the many tender moments of love that occur between couples who enjoy all the bustling city. The condition is accompanied or a simple kiss on the cheek [...]

DNA Structures design Double Helix Bookcase

Mittwoch, den 25. September 2013

Designed by Cattelan Italia Italian company, DNA library is a unique and stylish way to show your inner love of reading. Made of steel, is about 6 feet high tower has two platforms that slowly around a central column, rotating 13 high shelves. Carefully applied design creates a double helix iconic frequently [...]

The Creative combination of fridge and containers

Dienstag, den 24. September 2013

Today we are all obsessed with storage in the refrigerator, but this is not always the best option to keep the food fresh … especially fruits and vegetables. Some are best kept in a slightly warmer and wetter … and it is the system Oltu. With its own refrigerator heating clay pots [...]

Micro Portable Commuter Bike

Samstag, den 7. September 2013

The project of a shot was designed to complement other methods of public transportation. The compact design is transformed from a bicycle belt full set in a compact, vertical easily on buses, trains or other areas easily accessible storage. From tourists to discover new places, regular travelers on their way to [...]

Organized Floral Arrangements Produce Rainbows of Color

Freitag, den 6. September 2013

In this series, titled The Garden Collection, Emily Blincoe photographer creates unique floral arrangements with a creative touch. Recently enjoyed his series of sugar and now she has properly applied its technology to a variety of flowers. Each photo has compositions full of flowers, leaves and stems organized in clay arranged. [...]

Young Girl’s Adorable Kiss Me Please Project

Donnerstag, den 25. Juli 2013

You may recognize the little girl in these photos as the younger daughter of Nagano Toyokazu, a photographer we featured here over two years ago. Lucky for us, the Japanese photographer has continued snapping adorable photos of his family, even expanding upon one particular series he calls the Kiss Me Please [...]

Giveaway: Cinetics SmartMount and MiniSkates Pro For Camera and Smartphones

Mittwoch, den 19. Juni 2013

Bless technology for making a photographer out of all of us, and bless accessories that add in refinements to make us look like pros, even though we are amateurs. I am talking about accessories like Cinetics SmartMount and MiniSkates Pro Camera Mounts. Today, stand a chance to WIN a Cinetics product [...]

Stunning Shots of Reine, the Most Beautiful Village in Norway

Dienstag, den 18. Juni 2013

Just how picturesque can one place be? Reine, a small Norwegian fishing village on the Lofoten islands, is today’s extraordinary destination off the beaten path. (Shall we add it to this list ?) Called everything from “postcard looking” to “idyllic,” Reine is visited by thousands of tourists each year who come [...]