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Dell Inspiron 14z flash sale 14 Ivy Bridge Core i3, SSD/500 GB, HDMI, USB 3.0

Donnerstag, den 14. März 2013

The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 (5423-4497) is a 14-inch laptop that appears now on sale flash below 400 euros. This includes an Ultrabook Ivy Bridge Core i3 processor, a hybrid storage solution but also connectivity including HDMI, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0, 6Cells Dell inspiron 1750 battery all under Intel Chief River [...]

HP Pavilion 14-inch Chromebook Chromebook for the U.S. market

Dienstag, den 5. Februar 2013

HP and Google have for the U.S. market, jointly announced a so-called Chromebook. The unit is shipped with Google’s Chrome OS and turns with a screen size of 14 inches and to customers who are flirting with a cheap laptop off the wide windows mass.
The display of the HP Chromebooks with [...]

HP Envy Spectre Ultrabook XT Pro

Dienstag, den 15. Januar 2013

The HP Envy Spectre Ultrabook XT Pro (B8W13AA) is the business version of the already reviewed Envy Spectre Ultrabook XT 13-2000sg. In testing, the Pro version suggests just the sister model.
HP sets the Envy Spectre Ultrabook XT 13-2000sg up a well made and very nice part-aluminum enclosure. The upper part of [...]