Xbox One : Microsoft’s new console

Xbox One is now official. As everyone knows, Microsoft held a big press conference tonight – the # XboxReveal – to unveil its new console. A home console that has caused much ink since last year and has been an incredible number of all kinds of rumors, rumors have also revealed materially accurate. Yes, well except for his name, of course. Anyway, if you’re wondering what the Xbox One was in the belly, and if you want to know all about it, then know that you are in the right place because you can see a little lower all information about it.

But before going further, it will stop on the name of the console. No Xbox 720, no Durango, no Infinite Xbox, Microsoft has opted for a different choice that you should probably heckle. After all, One Xbox is not the first console produced by the company, right? Yes, but the Dell latitude d510 battery One is not to be taken in this direction. In fact, if the console is called like that because it brings together within a single device several possible uses. More than just a game console area, it finally emerged as a multimedia hub.

Xbox One: Design Technical Specifications
Aesthetically speaking, the Xbox One has little to do with consoles previously produced by Microsoft. This time, the firm has played the card of sobriety and has opted for a classic format. Black rectangular with the One plays the card of minimalist and it should appeal to many. Note also that Dell latitude e6500 battery is reminiscent of another device that you may already know, namely the box Numéricâble.

Okay, and then under the hood? This is probably the section that most interests the players, true. On that side, Microsoft has instead done things and the specifications of the Xbox One does not really lack of interest:

8-core processor based on the AMD Jaguar.
8 GB of RAM.
500 GB of storage space.
Blu-ray player.
USB 3.0 ports.
Ethernet port.
HDMI 1.4 output.
WiFi 802.11 b / g / n integrated.
Support 1080p and 4K or Full HD and Ultra HD.
Support systems for 7.1 sound.
Like the Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One is more closer to a PC and an Xbox 360. Is this a good thing? Without a doubt, especially for studios officiating in the video game market since they now dig under the head to adapt their titles to the new console.

At first glance, Dell xps m1530 battery looks not bad to handle the Xbox 360, but Microsoft has it all-the-same several changes to improve usability. The latter should be better held in hand, and he should also be emphasized that it benefits from a new directional pad and new analog sticks that fall under the best inches. Same for triggers. On connecting to the console and Kinect, all pass through the WiFi Direct technology.

And then there’s the Xbox Live, the same Xbox Live will offer you the opportunity to challenge your friends in great games. Also careful because Microsoft made it big and it is not less than 300,000 servers that will run behind you to ensure the best possible performance. 300,000 servers against 15,000 for the current version of Xbox Live. Great, is not it? Certainly, and know also that the securities will be pre-loaded to optimize even more the performance of the platform.

The time has come to talk about the price and date of availability of the Xbox One and Dell vostro 1520 battery . And then, as now warn you, there is a severe lack of information. If Microsoft dwelt on the technical specifications and features of the console, the firm has unfortunately not mention the price. According to the latest rumors to date, there was talk that the latter is available in two offers: one at $ 299 with a 24-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold to pay back, and one at $ 499. Difficult to say whether the firm actually opt for this solution.

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