Xbox Infinity name of the upcoming console leaked

Have long speculated about the name of the new Xbox experts and fans. An online magazine now reported the alleged Title: Xbox Infinity.

Durango, Xbox 720 or Xbox simple – these names were circulating for many months as possible names for the Xbox 360’s successor. But according to the British online magazine International Business Times UK Microsoft missed the device another name Xbox Infinity. The magazine citing, inter alia, evidence from internal Microsoft groups. The Group has not yet commented on the report. So we can look forward to the next 21 Be in May 2013 – since then Microsoft presented the device to a global audience.

Currently, all the evidence suggests that both Sony and Microsoft have their new earlier draft horses from the leash than expected. Sony has the 20 Already in February 2013 confirmed the PS4 comes at the end. An unveiling of the Xbox 720 is likely to follow on 21 May as part of an exclusive Microsoft event. – A publication of the Microsoft console, experts expect the latest in November 2013 – a date that insider sources told COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE confirmed.

Pounce on rumors of new consoles and media players with delight. These are particularly piquant: a comprehensive presentation on the Internet has emerged now that enlightens among other things, technical details of the upcoming Microsoft console. The source is unknown, so do not take anything at face value. Nevertheless, the information sound serious and fit to the published date.

The most interesting is probably the mention of release date and price: According to the fantastic 360 successor in 2013 for a mere $ 300, the console market. Also exciting: A Blu-ray drive will be on board. So that the new console would balance an important pro-competitive argument of Sony

Further evidence for an early Xbox presentation appeared in an internet forum: where a user logs that the company core event, the Internet address has secured Event Core performs major events and worked under the former company name Ustechs already in past presentations with Microsoft. According to the users to core event always guarantees for internet domains under care events.

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