With Windows 8 and Replaceable battery: Dell Latitude 10 in test

Removable battery, stylus operation, dual-core processor from Intel, a full Windows 8: Specifications for Dell Latitude 10, the first business tablet for the brand, read promisingly. And also the unboxing wants more aroused. High time, the Dell Tablet feel closer to the comprehensive test on the tooth.

Already at the Germany premiere in Munich could convince Dell Latitude 10 and Dell latitude d830 battery with its concept, since only the replaceable battery is a unique feature represents Positive are also processing and interfaces, and the Atom processor from Intel could.

That has now finished the series machine parts have changed. The slightly rubberized case fits comfortably in the hands. For prolonged use, and at higher temperatures, however, the hands tend to sweat and brings the material here, unlike aluminum, hardly with cooling properties.

Battery changes in seconds

That will please not only businesses, but also environmentally conscious technology buyers: The test sample of net world is the great four-cell Dell inspiron 1750 battery with a capacity of 60 watt-hours engaged. Over a mounted on the tablet back slide, it can be quickly removed and replace with a optional spare battery. The energy storage is not hot-swappable – which means that the user must first tablet PC off and the battery replacement during operation is not possible. Otherwise risk of losing data.

Dell cheats violently in weight: According to the data to the Latitude 10 with inlaid four-cell Dell latitude e6400 battery , weighing 820 grams. The verified balance of net world shows but with 861 grams to about 40 grams more. No gear lithium-ion battery there are still relatively heavy 495 grams Other Tablets with 10-inch display is much easier since. The powerful battery bulge on the back of the tablet also made strong – only the two-cell battery provides a back plane.

Equipment and Processing

As with the pre-production model shown in Munich can be the only button on the front, the Windows button, push very hard. Apparently, this is from the U.S. manufacturer by design, to avoid accidentally triggered misuse. Otherwise, there is the manufacturing quality of the Dell Tablets not objectionable in the least. Also the device against scratches thanks to its rubberized casing which also consists of a magnesium alloy, and a display of Gorilla Glass is well prepared.

For a tablet PC, the Latitude 10 has an extraordinary number of interfaces. We find the user is not only a full-sized USB port, but the same also a micro-HDMI port, an SD card slot, another mini-USB port, which, however, is only the store, and a device for Kensington lock and a docking station connector before. For the latter interface Dell offers among others an optional docking station. This provides additional USB ports and a LAN port. The tablet can be utilized so relatively easily into a bona fide work environment.

Its interfaces are the most tablets now join existing cameras on the front and back. In the case of the test device, the rear camera has not only a sensor that resolves eight megapixels, on even a practical LED assist light. The front camera, designed primarily for video chat, offers a good resolution of two megapixels.

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