When Toshiba taste the joys of Fusion Drive

Toshiba has just formalized its new Qosmio X875, a Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS battery laptop for gamers and the market that looks like two drops of water to its predecessor. At least in appearance, because it brings all-of-sacred even a novelty, namely the integration of a hybrid hard drive. Just like the famous Fusion Drive Apple, it therefore combines two types of memory: a memory magnetic mass similar to that of most hard drives and SSD markets which should give a boost to the configuration and performance.

Today, when we want to change the hard disk of a computer, we finally choose between two options: either one is the Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS battery capacity and then opts for a traditional hard drive tray, either one is rapid and is then leads to a hard disk type SSD. Some will obviously further by integrating these two types of hard drive to their machine, but Apple has done precisely the advantage of combine the two technologies by launching hybrid discs known under the term Fusion Drive.

Toshiba, meanwhile, has also opted for this solution by developing its new high-end Toshiba Satellite A200 battery laptop. The new edition of the Qosmio X875 and embarks hard disk 1 TB (7200 RPM) which is incorporated on 8 GB of flash memory to relieve the system and its applications. So of course, we are quite far from the Fusion Drive that accumulates on him a 1TB drive with 128GB SSD, but it is undoubtedly the kind of feature that should attract the attention of some users. According to the manufacturer, the new hard drive would effectively allow programs to run 30% faster.

On other technical specifications of the Qosmio X875 and Toshiba Satellite A300 battery include processors Intel Core iX, up to 32GB of RAM, up to 2TB of storage space and a nice Nvidia GTX 670m 3GB shipping dedicated memory. All with a screen Nvidia 3D Vision 2 and optional starting price set at $ 1,480. Finally, note that the X875 is expected to hit the market next month.

Qosmio Toshiba Satellite L300 battery laptops have always been a little on the extravagant-looking side, and this new model continues that tradition. Toshiba calls the design of the chassis its sophisticated Black Widow styling, and it features a diamond-textured aluminum shell with a light-up Qosmio logo on the lid.

The 17.3-inch display runs at 1,920×1,080 pixels, and a Nividia-powered stereoscopic 3D version will be offered as an option. Harmon-Kardon quad speakers are included.

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