The Creative combination of fridge and containers

Today we are all obsessed with storage in the refrigerator, but this is not always the best option to keep the food fresh … especially fruits and vegetables. Some are best kept in a slightly warmer and wetter … and it is the system Oltu. With its own refrigerator heating clay pots are kept at the ideal temperature and humidity for the needs of different foods.

The combination of containers and refrigerated a new system, sustainable support for a variety of vegetables and fruits. The refrigerator generates heat which is distributed through the openings in the lid. This affects all three clay pots in the center of the design. The containers are four compartments, where vegetables, all required temperature. These vegetables are then hydrated with moisture evaporation from the lower container produced.

The containers are positioned so that the heat affects each create differently at different temperatures in different chambers. The two containers are arranged in the cold rear side while the front side is in a warm environment. Inside the container in dry cold metal food is cooled, but not by moisture. All containers have external openings for breathing and each easily accessible to the user.

Designer: Fabio Molinas Dell inspiron 15 battery

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