Sony announces PS4, called technical details – price, design still unknown

Last night Sony has lifted the veil on its next-generation console. At a media event in New York, presented the Japanese electronics giant a large number of invited journalists and representatives of the gaming industry, the PlayStation 4 (PS4). As publication date, the Group only somewhat vaguely Christmas 2013th

In an unusually long press conference Sony explained the world of technology and gaming enthusiasts the basic philosophy that is behind the new consoles: the focus should this time be from the beginning to technically advanced networking features, customer service, social Vernetznung and high accessibility for developers and ingenious tools .

Once the architecture of the PlayStation was designated 3 (PS3) often in the past as too complex, vgp-bps8a might actually according to the information available so far, with the PlayStation 4 with a good overall package specifically designed for hardcore gamers and the development community have put together. The company also went surprisingly openly on technical details – it is a way for an x86 PC – and of course it was the first game to see projects. What was missing, however, this was a look at the final design of the Playstation 4, and even a quote.

The controller for the PS4, ‘DualShock 4′, is inspired in design to the ‘DualShock 3′ for the PS3, has but at the front has a small touchpad, improved grip properties, buttons and dual analog sticks, as well as distinctive features of motion control (via PlayStation Move technology). The ‘Options’ button replaced, according to official information, the ‘Start’ – and ‘Select’ buttons.

Brand new addition is added a button labeled ‘Share’, which is a symbol of Sony vgp-bps7’s deep integration of social services in the PS4 (German = share). The new console will be able, for example, video games record directly to the internal hard drive, and this footage will be streamed via the Share button to friends and acquaintances.

During the press conference, Sony vgp-bps13/s revealed it is an important technical basic data of PlayStation 4 to the audience to give a first impression of their performance potential, but only the official data sheet, which is understood by now delivers all the interesting details.

Interestingly, the Sony vgp-bpl27 hardware is especially so because the Japanese are now banking on traditional PC architecture. The processor has an x86 CPU from AMD used, which has 8 cores and is denoted by the code name ‘Jaguar’. Frequencies are unknown. Jaguar is a highly energy-efficient chip platform, AMD filed at the completion currently.

The 8-core CPU is an AMD Radeon graphics unit to the side that will take 1.84 teraflops of computing power into the scale and probably based on the GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture has been designed.

Noteworthy is the finding that the Sony vgn-sz battery PlayStation 4 donated equal to 8 gigabytes of RAM. This is not a matter of normal DDR3 RAM, as it is found in every current notebook or desktop computer, but the most dashing of GDDR5 memory, which is reserved for the PC sector the expensive graphics cards (at a significantly lower stage ). For a minimization of bottlenecks within the hardware architecture seems so worried.

Otherwise, the new Sony console is again delivered with an integrated Blu-ray drive and a hard disk. On the use of the SSD manufacturers refrained presumably for cost reasons. The PS4 supports Wi-Fi b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 and offers USB 3.0

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