Past 30 Years Kissing photos In New York

For thirty years, photographer Matt Weber was to capture candid scenes of romantic passion in the streets of New York. His collection Urban Romance reveals the many tender moments of love that occur between couples who enjoy all the bustling city. The condition is accompanied or a simple kiss on the cheek lovingly lips near the middle of a crowded subway car .

Weber, who started documenting urban life in New York in 1978 , first, find a balance between the evidence of its recurrent image of an isolated city and refreshing well intimacy sometimes uncomfortable fire on land public . Although the details of the romance anonymous repair each pair remains unknown, Weber said: There are so many miserable people you see many people who do not seem very happy people happy , try not to worry are happy about it . . .

A book with an extensive collection of New York Bluetooth headset, Weber street photography , including images of an entire urban novel is available for purchase as The Urban Prisoner .

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