Lenovo IdeaPad G580 15.6 Blu-Ray, Ivy Bridge Dual Core, 1TB, 610M, USB 3.0

For less than 500 euros, Lenovo IdeaPad G580 offers with its (MBBA6FR) versatile laptop 15.6-inch multimedia-oriented platform Intel Chief River and Windows 8. It integrates a DVD player / Blu-Ray, a large storage space, processor Ivy Bridge Pentium Dual Core, dedicated Nvidia graphics card but also with connectivity between other HDMI, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0.

The lenovo IdeaPad g530 battery (MBBA6FR) is a versatile notebook that can attract those who have a budget content and wish to invest in a model with a large storage space and a Blu-Ray optical drive to use current.

It has the distinction of integrating an optical drive capable of reading but also burn Blu-ray in addition to traditional CD and DVD, which for example keep a simple cake tens of GB

To take full advantage of Blu-Ray, ThinkPad x301 battery must pass through an external display Full HD video output via HDMI. The dedicated graphics card Geforce 610M can of course read this type of media in High Definition carefree but unsurprisingly display classic features and a definition of 1366 × 768 less than full HD. However, it adopts a 16:9 format well suited to video playback and processing that brings out the bright colors but is sensitive to glare.

Another advantage of this laptop and not least, its hard disk. As it offers a large capacity of 1000 GB to install many software but also store multiple files and varied.

In addition, lenovo IdeaPad g450 battery boasts the latest mobile platform Intel Chief River, and therefore an Ivy Bridge processor next generation. Associated with 4 GB of RAM, Pentium Dual Core 2020m delivers good performance in current use and multitasking too pushed quite satisfactory and office use.

Although it allows smooth playback of 1080p HD video, the dedicated graphics card Geforce 610M is a model with modest performance. Positioned on the mid-range, it does not target players but can still rotate titles undemanding 3D resources.

As for connectivity built into this lenovo g410 battery laptop, it is able to satisfy many users. Understand it of wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n to communicate and connect remotely, audio ports and Ethernet, HDMI and VGA video outputs to easily connect the practices to a PC monitor or TV for example as all 3 USB ports compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, USB 3.0 ensures faster transfers than USB 2.0 if one branch of USB 3.0 devices.

It is now possible to buy the Lenovo IdeaPad G580 (MBBA6FR) and ThinkPad t410 battery for 499 euros Darty. It offers good equipment / price ratio for its category where it is one of the only portable our price comparison to integrate a processor Ivy Bridge last generation, storage space and an important optical drive Blu-Ray .

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