Dell Vostro 1500 – 8600M GT Office servant with gamers fantasies

What is worth waiting for. Several weeks later the new Dell vostro 1500 battery met in an editorial. In the notebook journal forum is at this time a thread with over 35 sub-pages created (Dell VOSTRO: reviews, FAQs, other). The majority of users were pleased with the price, the strong Geforce 8600M GT graphics and the option of a matte screen. What the customer can put together yourself at Dell, sounded rather for a gaming notebook on when, after an Office Knech

With its Dell vostro 1520 battery is aimed at small and micro enterprises. The spectrum of the row next to the black notebooks include (Vostro 1000, 1400, 1500 and 1700) and desktops (the Vostro 200 Mini Tower or Slim-size format). As a printer solution are the Dell 1320c color laser printer and Dell 1125 mono laser printer in the program. Because it just does not go without LCD, the 19-inch Monitor Dell E198WFP is also included.

Mainly by the service benefits the Vostro hardware differs from its consumer counterparts. The Dell vostro 3300 battery PCs come with a one year according to Dell business support. There are also useful support tools, such as Dell DataSafe Online (secure online backup up to 30 GB of data) or Dell Automated PC Tune-Up (30 tasks for tuning, security and maintenance).

As a pure consumer Dell vostro 1400 battery notebook is aimed much more the Dell Inspiron 1520 with similar performance levels to non-business customers.

The GPU has access to 256 MB of VRAM. Does it need more, up to 767 Mbytes of RAM are lopped off. Nvidia calls it HyperMemory.

DirectX-10 at a low level
The Dell vostro 1720 battery GeForce 8600M GT brought the Call of Juarez (v. DirectX 10 benchmark on average 7.4 FPS (Avg.). Settings: Resolution: 1024×768, no fullscreen; shadowmap size: 1024×1024; Shadows Quality: None; Anti-aliasing: None AUDIO: from

Similarly good results as the graph gets the application performance. After just 36 seconds finished about in the Cinebench multiple CPU rendering test his work. The pass mark for performance testing application performance, the Dell Vostro 1500 got 593 points and send that part of the notebook power elite. Make its contribution, the 2-GB RAM, and 256 MB of VRAM.

Intel Turbo Memory Dell vostro 3500 battery has not been built into the Vostro 1500th Through this selectable by the manufacturer Santa Rosa feature to system and program starts / processes are accelerated. Recurrent read data is written for Vista on a 512 or 1024 MB of flash memory. This memory is sitting on a PCI-Express controller and is therefore much faster than USB flash memory.

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