Dell Latitude 10 in test: Display Software Windows 8


The display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. Dell uses as most suppliers of high-priced tablets an IPS panel. Good thing – because this means that the display is very independent perspective. Even if the tablet ever so obliquely holds, comes to color distortion is virtually never.

Although some field staff will want it eagerly: An anti-glare display offers not even the Latitude 10, Dell builds none with an extra charge. Reason: According to Dell, there is as yet simply no manufacturer that would produce matte displays in tablet size.

Fortunately, the maximum achievable brightness is high enough to radiate away on one or other annoying reflection can. The illumination is uniform only in the corners are very slight halos seen. Also, color fidelity and contrast like. Black represents the Dell tablet is basically a very slight purple tinge – but that criticism is at a high level.


As is appropriate for a business tablet, the Dell latitude e4300 battery tablet is desired protected extensively against foreign access. This begins with the ability to attach a security lock. This allows the tablet computer, for example, during presentations at public meetings or protect against theft.

Software and hardware side provide optional Intel’s Technology Trust and Trusted Platform Module 1.2 for additional security. In conjunction with additional Dell Accessories such as fingerprint readers and comprehensive service options (approximately three years Pro-support and on-site service), the Latitude 10 offers for use in business environments.

On the test device from netzwelt Windows 8 is installed in each of the 32-bit version. In conjunction with the x86 architecture, the chipset does this mean in program selection great liberties. Dell latitude d810 battery is, therefore, quite in contrast to tablet computers with Windows RT, not limited to programs from the Microsoft Store.

From the principle of the 64 GB Flash Memory review copy of turning power still 41.7 gigabytes of free. The installation of Windows, drivers, and other apps show here just over ten gigabytes. For testing has installed netzwelt Microsoft Office and tried, among other programs like OneNote. Especially here the optional active stylus and at the request comes good use, as desktop interface and programs are not designed for finger operation. Unfortunately, the practical pen can attach anywhere on the tablet itself. A loss is thus inevitable, but we already know from other tablets and convertibles.

Much good can report the battery life. The Renewable Energy storage will stand up to the much thicker 60-watt-hour version for up to ten hours. In the test of net world we reached these values ​​are not entirely – with continuous video playback and wireless connections enabled us Dell latitude e6420 battery Tablet called after a little more than eight hours to visit the outlet. A full day’s work should be able to use the Dell tablet therefore survive loose. Experience to smaller battery with only two cells we have not yet.

In the test of net world, the standard version of the Latitude 10 was a large four-cell battery (29 euros extra), Windows Pro 8 and 64 gigabytes of memory. Depending on your service plan will cost them between 649 (1 Year Collect & Return) and 782 euro (3-year product support and on-site service). The certainly commendable, but not tested dock strikes with additional 133 Euro, the active Wacom pen with 29.40 euros.

In addition, Dell offers a light version of Latitude 10, Dell latitude e5500 battery also Essentials configuration called. In this version, an operation with active, battery powered styluses not possible. Moreover, can not replace the battery. This variant of the manufacturer offers the Dell configurator currently at a price of 549 euros.


Especially, but by far not only the replaceable battery, the Dell latitude d630 battery makes it a very successful Windows tablet. In combination with the full-sized USB port and Windows 8 Pro is almost the netbook competitors. However, we would wish for this purpose something more powerful hardware. Even when working with the quality and features sets out the Latitude 10 optima. If you overdo it with the many possible configurations, for the 10-inch set, but quickly transferred more than 700 euros to Dell.

As an alternative, primarily on Microsoft’s Surface. Currently located in Germany but still only the version with Windows abgespecktem RT for sale. Also, the Lenovo Thinkpad 2 is a serious competitor Latitude.

Anyone looking for a business tablet, is should also take a look at the current generation of convertibles with Windows 8. A comparison test with four devices from Dell, Sony, Lenovo and Toshiba, see at this point on net world.

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