Dell Inspiron 14z flash sale 14 Ivy Bridge Core i3, SSD/500 GB, HDMI, USB 3.0

The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 (5423-4497) is a 14-inch laptop that appears now on sale flash below 400 euros. This includes an Ultrabook Ivy Bridge Core i3 processor, a hybrid storage solution but also connectivity including HDMI, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0, 6Cells Dell inspiron 1750 battery all under Intel Chief River platform and Windows 8 in a frame of 2.1 Kg

The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 (5423-4497) may interest those who wish to invest in a relatively compact laptop for everyday use.

This compact Ultrabook is certainly the one who displays such a nice subtlety. In addition, its weight is slightly more than 2.0 Kg bar which makes it easily transportable. In terms of autonomy, it is doing pretty as it can hold about 6 hours on Dell inspiron 14Z battery usage.

Moreover, in this area as well as multitasking too pushed, ie in office, this computer delivers good performance thanks to its Intel Chief River platform, 4GB of RAM and Intel Core i3-3217U Ivy Bridge low consumption of last generation.

These Inspiron 15R battery components are supported in their task by the small capacity SSD. Using cache, it is used to make quick starts / stops but also launches applications most frequently used which results in better responsiveness daily.

Graphics processing them are borne by the integrated Intel HD 4000 in Ivy Bridge. It allows you to view pictures and videos including HD 1080p, or even to play occasionally if we simply undemanding titles in 3D and resources that we are ready to adaptations.

Storage side, we are dealing with a hard disk with a good capacity of 500 GB on which you can install many software also store a lot of files and varied.

The Dell inspiron 1564 battery connection is also correct for Ultrabook, offering wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n for communications and remote connections, Ethernet and audio ports, an HDMI video output for convenient connect easily to a computer monitor or TV for example and 2 USB. It is certainly less than the usual three USB but adopt USB 3.0 compatible with USB 2.0 which provides faster transfers than USB 2.0 if it connects USB 3.0 devices.

Finally, the Studio 1555 battery screen adopts unsurprisingly characteristics similar to those of many models up to 16 inches, including a definition of 1366 × 768, 16:9 format well suited to playing videos, and treatment which is brilliant out the colors but shows prone to glare.

The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 (5423-4497) appears now on sale for 399 euros in flash Cdiscount and offers good value for configuration / price for its class, positioning itself as one of the few models in our comparison Prices include a processor as recent and efficient.

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