Apple iPhone 5: releasing the spring of 2013 – thinner and lighter?

The presentation of the iPad 4 and iPad mini is not long ago, rumors already making the rounds to the followers: Apple plans well, the iPad making 5 lighter and thinner.

Apple iPad from March 5, 2013?
The Macotakara blog speculates that the next Apple iPad (iPad probably 5) presents to March 2013. Apple apparently wants to work at the weight and thickness of the tablet: the iPad 5 will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor. According to Macotakara Apple reduced the amount to four millimeters, the width by 17 mm, the depth of about two millimeters. By comparison, the iPhone 4 measures 0.9 x18, 6×24, 1 centimeter. The design is probably based on the Apple iPad mini.

More Apple rumors
The rumor mill speculates currently via the iPad mini 2 and on the iPhone and iPhone 5S 6 – devices that Apple could at least partially simultaneously present with the iPad the fifth Officially, there are – of course – still no confirmation.

The iPhone 5 will be presented in March. The reports of the Japanese blog Mac Otakara and refers to an anonymous informant. Presumably, the new device will soon hit the market and the same will be available. So far, Apple A1321 has unveiled its latest iPad generations always in March or April. The only exception: the iPad 4th The fourth generation of Apple’s tablet was released in October 2012.

According to the Mac Otakara iPad 5 is visually similar to the iPad mini. So shall the device, compared to the fourth generation, can be more compact. The longer sides of the device would be so narrow. According to the Japanese blog, the iPad are reduced in width by 17 millimeters. In height, the Apple A1322 tablet will again lose four millimeters. Also give to the Japanese, the device would total two millimeters thinner.

True to the series screen will still be 9.7 inches in size. The weight is to be reduced. In addition to housing size and thickness of a reduction of the LED lights on the display of two is discussed at a light source. This would also lead to weight reduction.

Apple plans to IGZO displays for iPad 5, 5S mini iPad 2 and iPhone? Recent reports suggest that the U.S. companies toying with the use of the new screen technology for the 2013er generation of its iOS gadgets. According to this, Apple a1175 is the manufacturer Sharp IGZO in talks to find out how many finished IGZO displays the Japanese in 2013, or could be produced. The industry publication Digitimes cites gewohntermaßen on unspecified industrial sources.

This in turn might suggest that Innolux boarding the supplier business to Apple macbook pro battery . After all, there are often reports that Apple’s partners were overwhelmed with the constant high demand by consumers want iPads, iPhones & Co.. Finally Digitimes writes that screen manufacturers in South Korea – LG Display and Samsung probably – future, according to market observers at a disadvantage compared with Japanese companies – would have – especially well-Sharp. This is true at least if Apple really should opt for IGZO displays for its new iPad gadgets 5, mini iPad 2 & iPhone 5S.

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