Apple: cheap iPhone is unlikely

Not everyone is ready to afford a new (expensive) Apple iPhone – and then goes into the Android or Windows Phone camp. A cheap iPhone less valent equipment might be the alternative, but the probability is low.

Update (14.01.2013): Cheap iPhone extremely unlikely
Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller expressed over the Shanghai Evening News for cheap iPhone: Despite the popularity of low-cost smartphones will never be the future of Apple’s products. To provide the best product on the market, one uses only the best technology out there, Schiller continued. Of a cheap iPhone mainly benefits the Chinese market, where Apple A1045 has little presence. The marketing manager does admit that Apple’s market share is only about 20 percent, but there you possess 75 percent of the profits.

Unimpaired denial
Analysts point out that Phil Schiller has denied the cheap iPhone beyond doubt. Instead, the interview was part of Apple A1189 strategy, not too much to tell about their products. The Group also has an in-house product would never considered cheap call – even if a relatively favorable iPhone is in planning.

2013 will release the low-cost iPhone?
For years has been speculation that Apple wants a cheap iPhone einheizen the Android competition. 2013, it might finally be ready Apple A1148 is working well at a lower level model, the Wall Street Journal. According to the sheet used in the Apple iPhone a less expensive cheap housing made of plastic instead of metal. The equipment, however, might be the same as that of the iPhone 5, it says. More likely, however, that Apple uses components from previous iPhone generations to reduce production costs.

Previous strategy: Old cheaper iPhone
Apple usually published in late summer / fall of a year its current iPhone model. With the debut of the new model of Vorvorgänger disappear from the range, the predecessor Apple offers at lower prices. Apple goes so already two tracks – a third (cheap) iPhone would not reflect at least Apple macbook pro 15 inch battery ’s previous strategy. Apple itself is expressed as usual, not on such rumors.

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