80 Empowered Women Go Bare-Breasted in New York

While photographer Jordan Matter portrait perhaps best known for its dancers among us uplifting series , a collection of photographs of dancers jump into the streets of the city, who are his portraits of more than 80 topless women should talk today. For six years , the subject asked women of all backgrounds to volunteer in this project , to walk in the streets of New York topless , to challenge conventions and cope with their feelings of shame and helplessness . ( On a side note , did you know that it is perfectly legal for a woman to go topless in New York? )

What matters quickly discovered was that after the photo shoot , the women have become ” surprisingly high ” , leaving the field to question exactly what he had discovered . In the book, aptly titled discovered , you will find many stories alongside portraits that reveal every woman’s own journey toward self-acceptance . In essence, the famous discovery controversial human body, which pays tribute to the individuality of women, their similarities and differences.

As an Amazon reader perfectly said about the book, ” Like a good movie, ” discovered ” ” buy battery ” from understanding and emotion rising from the depths. Could relate to many women in the book … and felt compassion for whose experience did not know. every woman who volunteered for this project was beautiful … every body , every mother , every word was a poignant reality of how women perceive , think and feel. Question is an exceptional photographer to capture the essence of all women in their shots. I look forward to sharing this book with everyone I know. believe that there must be a change in what we teach our children how to relay other about themselves and their bodies … this book is positive in every way and full of wisdom .

“I admire the volunteers who have agreed to be photographed and to express their thoughts and opinions. Jordan praise for their exemplary work issues . ” Discovered ” can be proudly displayed in our home and we hope you are invited to an interesting and positive conversations with family and friends. ”

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