Monatsarchiv für November 2013

Fridge Magnet – Shelf Life Indicator of Food

Sonntag, den 3. November 2013

Love this concept of the Fridge Magnet that features a QR code-scanning function. Basically it provides information on the shelf life of food and keeps a tab on the expiry dates. In a good way, it also acts as an interactive, informative tool for children. It displays the image of the food [...]

80 Empowered Women Go Bare-Breasted in New York

Samstag, den 2. November 2013

While photographer Jordan Matter portrait perhaps best known for its dancers among us uplifting series , a collection of photographs of dancers jump into the streets of the city, who are his portraits of more than 80 topless women should talk today. For six years , the subject asked women of all [...]