Monatsarchiv für September 2013

DNA Structures design Double Helix Bookcase

Mittwoch, den 25. September 2013

Designed by Cattelan Italia Italian company, DNA library is a unique and stylish way to show your inner love of reading. Made of steel, is about 6 feet high tower has two platforms that slowly around a central column, rotating 13 high shelves. Carefully applied design creates a double helix iconic frequently [...]

The Creative combination of fridge and containers

Dienstag, den 24. September 2013

Today we are all obsessed with storage in the refrigerator, but this is not always the best option to keep the food fresh … especially fruits and vegetables. Some are best kept in a slightly warmer and wetter … and it is the system Oltu. With its own refrigerator heating clay pots [...]

Micro Portable Commuter Bike

Samstag, den 7. September 2013

The project of a shot was designed to complement other methods of public transportation. The compact design is transformed from a bicycle belt full set in a compact, vertical easily on buses, trains or other areas easily accessible storage. From tourists to discover new places, regular travelers on their way to [...]

Organized Floral Arrangements Produce Rainbows of Color

Freitag, den 6. September 2013

In this series, titled The Garden Collection, Emily Blincoe photographer creates unique floral arrangements with a creative touch. Recently enjoyed his series of sugar and now she has properly applied its technology to a variety of flowers. Each photo has compositions full of flowers, leaves and stems organized in clay arranged. [...]