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Giveaway: Cinetics SmartMount and MiniSkates Pro For Camera and Smartphones

Mittwoch, den 19. Juni 2013

Bless technology for making a photographer out of all of us, and bless accessories that add in refinements to make us look like pros, even though we are amateurs. I am talking about accessories like Cinetics SmartMount and MiniSkates Pro Camera Mounts. Today, stand a chance to WIN a Cinetics product [...]

Stunning Shots of Reine, the Most Beautiful Village in Norway

Dienstag, den 18. Juni 2013

Just how picturesque can one place be? Reine, a small Norwegian fishing village on the Lofoten islands, is today’s extraordinary destination off the beaten path. (Shall we add it to this list ?) Called everything from “postcard looking” to “idyllic,” Reine is visited by thousands of tourists each year who come [...]