Wireless Picture Frame for iPhone Instagramme

The photo app Instagram to get your own digital picture frame. In addition to the weekly show of neuerdings.com gadget: A keyboard with additional displays and a nice, fast hard drive.

A digital photo frame with a direct line to Instagram? Find more than 1500 people a good idea to have already contributed to the Kickstarter project Instacube. Three days after the launch of the collection were already gathered around $ 220,000 (as of Friday afternoon) needed a quarter million.

The Instacube is no ordinary digital photo frame: it is not filled with memory cards, but wirelessly over the Internet directly from Instagram. In case that recalls the icon of the popular app, a 6.5-inch panel infected with 600 x 600 pixels resolution.

Inside the Instacubes infected smartphone technology. Powered by an ARM processor with 4 GB of flash memory and 256 MB of RAM, the Android operating system, together with the wireless WiFi connection for the continuous flow of new images. By the open-source OS and the announcement of the makers, open the Instacube to possibly the developer community over, could more services to come.

Spontaneous supporters had the chance to get $ 100 for one of the 1000 “Classic” Instacubes. Since these are now sold out, we will now have to create $ 149 (around 119 euros), if one is interested in the photo frame. (Frank Busch)

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