Toshiba AT300-101 (Tablet PC) test

The Toshiba AT300-101 is not is just another 10.1-inch tablet. After a few minutes of operation, it falls on positive: It is equipped with Android 4.0 AT300-101 responds faster than any other Android tablets on input and commands, regardless of whether the menu or web surfing. There is just 9 millimeters and 590 grams lighter and thinner than an actual iPad. The highlight, however, the 10.1-inch display: It reflects significantly less than that of other tablet computers, lights very bright and has a good contrast ratio. This secures him in the sum of the best value in our scoring category "Display".

When interior Toshiba incorporates proven: For use Nvidia’s Tegra 3 platform comes with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor fast. Than 1 GB of memory available for data storage and 16 GB available. Via an SD card, you can also install up to 32 GB. Toshiba pa3588u-1brs Batteries have unique needs and Table 1 explains how to satisfy these desires based of common batteries

Despite the flat housing the Toshiba AT300-101 offers a lot of useful interfaces: Per Micro HDMI dock it to a TV, via a micro-USB socket to connect the tablet to the PC. A host-capable USB port for connecting USB sticks or external hard drives, but it has not. The card reader swallows conventional SD cards. Each cycle wears the Toshiba pa3634u 1bas battery down by a small amount. A partial discharge before charge is better than a full discharge.

Also on board are n-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS and a compass, complete the feature set. At the front, the tablet is a 2-megapixel camera, which is good for video chat easily. In the back is a 5-megapixel camera along with LED flash is built that shoots pretty respectable photos. Apply a deliberate full discharge only to calibrate a smart Toshiba pa3356u 1brs battery and to prevent “memory” on a nickel-based pack.

At the time of flight measurement, the AT300-101 proposes a total wacker: The Video Test Scenario increase battery life for almost six hours, web surfing, the term is almost five hours – in view of the flat design, the values ​​are ok, but compared to other 10 – inch tablet at best a good average. Batteries for the electric powertrain have changed the philosophy of Toshiba pa3728u 1brs battery manufacturers from designing packs for maximum energy density.

The used-4-Android operating system runs perfectly and affords the test hardly lags – just rotating the screen is accompanied by small delays. Compared to the well-equipped with Andorid 4 Acer Iconia Tab A510, the Toshiba is even a bit more rounded. Model is also the start of apps: Once you open a program, it will appear on the screen. Longer waiting times, we did not observe even with memory intensive apps.Toshiba pa3534u-1brs Batteries on the road are exposed to extreme environmental hazards; they must perform at maximum duty under severe heat, cold, shock and vibration. 

The build quality is nothing to complain about: The back is not as though the Asus Transformer or the iPad Infinity aluminum, the plastic used feels but still very high quality. Moreover, it is not as scratch-prone as other tablets. The display is thanks to Gorilla glass from scratches and damage also better protected than many other competitors pads.

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