Sony Vaio E series SVE11113FXW review 2

It is a smart look that contrasts with the price of the budget system, and see part of a trend, I will get with the low-cost laptops makeovers attractions, including the HP Envy Sleekbook 6 and the Dell Inspiron 14z.

While this is a fairly portable 11-inch laptop there are a lot of competition, both in thickness and weight. Apple 11-inch MacBook Air weighs about a pound less, and 13-inch Acer Aspire S5 is near, know that both are also much thinner. In fact, the Vaio E, as thick as high-end Dell XPS-15 battery.

While Sony is usually good to very good keyboards on Vaio laptops, the keyboard on the new E-series is especially nice considering the price.

The flattened island style keys (a style of Sony, which was long before it became popular) feels solid, with very little flexibility, in bold letters. The main faces are smaller than what you are for a vgp-bps9/b laptop of 13 inches or larger used, but Sony does a good job bringing important keys such as Tab, Shift and Enter keys are large enough to easily beat. The four arrow keys a bit cramped, though.

My two biggest complaints is that the keyboard is not backlit – found a feature, even in inexpensive laptops now, and multimedia control buttons, such as audio volume and mute, are banished + F FN key tasks, which makes it difficult that on the road.

The pad long, rectangular touch reminds me of what used to see in the portable 10-inch netbook. To keep the overall size of the system down, uses a long, almost mailbox-style touch screen. This is not as flat as some I’ve seen, but its size makes it difficult long to scroll down web pages vertically as vgp-bps22. This means that the matte finish has the right amount of grip, and two-finger scrolling was pleasant and sensitive.

Sony loves to develop and with media and proprietary software to share with their laptops. Here is an application called Memories click to manage photos and videos as well as a separate application called Media Gallery, which also manages photos and videos (and music). There is also the gate Vaio Quick Launch bar, in all new Sony vgp-bps8 laptop found, which can locate your specific application and configuration menus. I always end up, turn it off, because the standard hovers behind the tabs at the top of the screen and will always, every time I move the cursor on a web browser page (enter a URL address is activated, for example).

The 11.6-inch screen has a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. This is certainly a resolution of excess, in notebooks from 11 inches all the way up to find 15 inches (I’ve even seen a few 17-inch budget laptops), but leaves are best suited for this size screen. Sony is known, shows very well, and it has good off-axis viewing from the side, but still has a narrow optimum vertical field of view.

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