With the announcement of surface, doubts remained whether Microsoft will continue or not to dismiss the manufacturers of tablets under Windows. Especially with Windows RT version of Windows 8 for ARM architectures. Doubt that the editor of Redmond has raised.

In a note published on 13 August MSDN Blogs, Mike Angiulo, Vice President of Planning and Ecosystem team, announced that Dell, Lenovo ThinkPad sl400 battery (which has already announced its Windows 8 tablet), and Samsung produce tablets ( even PC) Windows RT. Microsoft Windows book intends to RT partners and will not offer the OS as a commercial product.

Windows Tablet PC or RT?

The first partner products listed should be born in October (called 26), together with the official launch of Windows 8. The Windows Tablet 600 Asus and HP g62 battery announced that RT should not only stay long on the market.

Digital slates running Windows RT will be powered by Nvidia chips, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments with which Microsoft has worked to optimize Windows RT ARM processor architecture, emphasizes Silicon.fr.

But do we speak shelves yet? Microsoft speaks, he an ambiguous “RT Windows PC.” Mike Angiulo announced that “some of our Windows PC RT HP 530 battery come with full keyboard touchpad, whether movable / dockable (Dockable) or with a traditional valve.”

More simply, there will be tablets with keyboard and touchpad device “clip-on” on the screen and traditional notebook (except for the ARM architecture instead of x86 chips from Intel and AMD).

Toshiba wants more

Microsoft does not say much for now except that evokes screen sizes between 10.1 and 11.6 inches for HP pavilion dv9000 battery autonomy displayed on paper 8 to 13 hours of use (including HD video) and 320-409 hours standby history to highlight the low power ARM processors.

If Microsoft is reassuring when the ecosystem revolving around Windows tablets RT, it should not count less with the defection of Toshiba pa3817u-1brs .

The Japanese manufacturer HP pavilion dv7 battery has announced that he would produce a Windows tablet RT, initially at least. Component shortages would not allow him to be ready for the launch of Windows 8, reports our colleague TechWeekEurope.co.uk.

Defection from HP and Acer

HP is also removed from the Windows tablet market following the announcement of the project area. HP g60 battery saw probably unfair competition.

Foresight significant when we learn that Microsoft would sell its size to less than $ 200, so at a loss. A loss that can afford to catch up on Microsoft cloud services but not manufacturers.

Concern shared by Acer as07b41. Its leader JT Wang spoke of last week a “huge impact negative” for Windows 8 ecosystem.

Microsoft nevertheless interest to gather as manufacturers around Windows RT, party incompatible with Windows 8, if he wants to attract developers and build an ecosystem large enough to ensure the adoption of Windows tablets RT by the public almost certain the Apple iPad to date.

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