Kindle Fire HD: How Amazon wants to beat the Nexus 7

With the Kindle Fire, Amazon HD dares first time with its own hardware on the U.S. borders. The customer, the Group tries to provide as much comfort as possible consumption.

Last year, Amazon had even shown us: With the Kindle Fire delivered the online department store a perfect tablet for consuming digital content, which of course, are only available through Amazon’s own services. Google Play Store, Google Maps? None, but the firmware on the Kindle Fire is based on Android, with the original openness of Android but it has nothing in common, but is tailored entirely to Amazon platforms. A self-contained distribution chain, with so far only Apple A1175 battery can come up in a comparable form.

With the Kindle Fire HD, the project is now in round two. Following the successful launch in the U.S., where the Kindle Fire HD advanced thanks to the holiday shopping season just a few months the most successful Android tablet, Amazon wants to conquer the first overseas markets. In Germany, the end of August the Amazon App Store was launched on 25 October landing then the tablet, it use A1280 battery .

Surfing looking to borrow, play, read, listen to music: The Kindle Fire HD will allow consumption with little effort. It starts with the Order of the Tablets: Even if it is in the mailbox, the device is registered to your Amazon account, ie it do not even have the account details are entered. So you need a credit card, but can start right away. It is the spare choice for Macbook air battery.

The Amazon databases provide access to 20 million songs, over a million books, thousands of apps, and through its subsidiary, Live film a variety of movies and series. So much content, which can earn a lot of money. Reminder: Amazon is one of the brands of the Germans put the most confidence. The needs that will work – and in width probably better than the Nexus 7th

The 7 inch version of the Kindle Fire HD , which will be with us to have come either with 16 (199 €) or 32 GB therefore (249 €) of internal memory. Eight gigabytes is more than the Nexus 7, in spite of the same price. Amazon’s reasoning on the official product page: A HD device need more space because HD content to be considerably larger. Add unlimited free storage space comes in the Amazon cloud.

Second, in order to lift more demanding games smoothly, you must also agree that performance. Google and Asus are relying on Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset. Amazon blocked the OMAP 4470 dual-core processor from Texas Instruments with 1.2 GHz clock speed, but has explicitly indicated that this was the performance of Nvidia.

The new Kindle Fire model has a front camera on board. At the first Amazon Kindle Fire had cost reasons even waived a camera. Apparently, Amazon was forced on the one desire of consumers to give in to video telephony and another with Google and Asus catch whose common device also has a front camera.

Take the user to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Inside the unit, there are two WLAN antennas. They should ensure that the contact with the wireless network holds more reliable. Amazon also relies on the MiMO technology that can improve the quality and the data rate of a wireless connection. Although a 4G/LTE-Version the Kindle Fire HD is planned, yet it remains the U.S. market reserved. Wirelessly transfer is also available via Bluetooth.

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