HP TouchPad (tablet) test passed with WebOS on iPad?

Furthermore, the TouchPad via a wireless adapter n-standard, but no UMTS module for 3G connection. The tablet features on the front is a 1.3-megapixel camera for video calls. That’s it already – many other tablets have a second camera on the back for taking snapshots. In short: The TouchPad has a set of tools on board, but also shows serious gaps. In a modern tablet should at least be a MicroSD card and a rear camera can be accommodated. This task is passed over to an intelligent HP mu06 battery management system 

In terms of display, the TouchPad is moving in the upper middle of the competitors. The tests of the 9.7-inch display (resolution: 1024 x 768, Aspect ratio: 4:3) give very good results in the function of the viewing angle, the colors not tip well at acute angles. The gamma deviation is always less than 2 percent – which is best. The checkerboard contrast is neatly from around 152:1. Only the brightness of reflective displays to be lacking. Our measurement results show from about 290 candela / m². Many other tablets shine much brighter. While a HP mu09 battery in a portable device can have its own personality and occasionally slack off .

A system depends on its applications: Here WebOS falters twice. Comparing the extent of the "HP App Catalog" – an overview of all available apps – the Apple AppStore and the Android Market from, are worlds apart. Since there are more devices with WebOS (3.0) and will be there all applications appear mixed. Is also very small so far, the selection of apps that have been developed specifically for the TouchPad. this liberty does not exist in a large HP 593553-001 battery system where all members must be of equal strength. 

Moreover bothered us in the test, the touchpad sometimes took several seconds to start an application. When the American newspaper USA Today app – after all one of the top free apps – 4 to 5 seconds passed before the panel was displayed. Afterwards we passed the same time until the content was available. For comparison apps for the iPad or Android devices usually require less than a second to start. Given the otherwise high-performance operating system HP must still repair significantly. Managing fading and failing cells as the HP pavilion dv6 battery ages is a complex issue that the BMS must address effectively.

Positively, the Flash browser support, as well as the playing of videos on YouTube. Here no significant weaknesses were to complain about except for some minor graphical errors when loading the video. Once they expire, but you get offered Ruckel and flawless video enjoyment.  Monitoring and eventual replacing the cells or HP ev089aa battery groups is far more complex than getting a new pack for a portable device when the old one becomes a nuisance.

Strong hp pf723a battery life. An absolutely positive aspect is the battery life of the touchpad. 7:30 hours for web surfing and a little more than seven hours in video mode are very strong values ​​that the relatively high weight of around 725 grams of perspective in terms of mobility somewhat.

Total leaves the HP TouchPad an absolutely usable impression and cuts in the test performed better than the Android-3-Armada – at the best tablets with Android 2 or on the iPad, but it does not zoom. Greater advantage, but is also obvious site is the operating system WebOS. The basic functions, such as navigation and usability are complete and make the use of fun.

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