How to restore my HP G62 to factory default?

I tried pressing the reset F10/F11 only options I get, is to do a system restore, I really do not see why this is so complicated that I have everything I want to store HP g60 battery on an external hard drive, I just want to turn over the way it was when I bought it, its driving me crazy! ! HP has even called for an approach that I say I’m out of warranty for one month, I do not want fixed aggghhhh


Most HP and Compaq like HP g62 battery desktop PCs that come with Windows Vista and XP do not include recovery discs, however, the hard drive contains a recovery partition with the operating system drivers and programs preinstalled. This partition, in some models, is hidden to prevent it from being erased, but in most models is visible although locked.

The system can be restored to factory settings through this partition by pressing HP g70 battery F10 (XP) or F11 (Vista) repeatedly while the PC does not start.

1. Access Recovery Manager in the following ways:
Select Start> All Programs> Recovery Manager Recovery Manager>.
Restart the computer and press F11 while "<F11> press for recovery" appears
on the compaq presario cq62 battery screen. Then select Recovery Manager.
2. Click on Advanced.
3. Click System Restore, then click Next.
4. Follow the instructions on screen

Well this is a very crucial. Usually when you buy a new compaq presario cq61 battery laptop or a PC that will make recovery disks. So if you have that you can recover your PC genuine.edition completely original.

By the way, if you have, then you can find an option to restore at boot time. also be restored from there.

If you can not see any of these options, you can contact the HP 530 battery manufacturer or the place where ur you. is difficult to say if you can still get the original edition authentic or not.

The HP help docement here :

Via battery blog

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