Apple plans to fix with updates WLAN problems with Macs, iPhones and iPads

Apple has released updates for multiple platforms, the fix seems primarily WLAN problems, but also to close security holes. The report, among other Both various iOS devices as well as current Macs are supplied according to the industry newsletter with software patches.

The results presented in this year Mac model like macbook pro 13 inch battery lines receive updates that resolve compatibility with wireless networks that transmit on the 5-GHz band (802.11 a / n) improve, and a problem of the Thunderbolt port associated with the energy-saving mode should.

According also stands for some slightly older iOS devices running Apple a1281 ’s mobile operating system is installed in version 6.0.1, provides a software update that will enhance the stability of wireless connections.

For new models of Apple’s mobile line-up as the iPhone 5 or the iPad mini features Apple a1280 directly, however, with iOS 6.0.2 on a small version jump, Details about the update, however, are very rare. Also in this case, Apple wants WLAN problems corrected and also unspecified security vulnerabilities have stuffed.

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It is not clear that even devices like the iPhone 4S or older iPad models to get iOS 6.0.2. Once an update to the mobile operating system is available, the user will be informed automatically about it on their device.

To update any of the Macs and macbook pro battery from the 2012er series, the Softwareaktualierung of OS X can be used. Alternatively, Apple provides updates to also be downloaded from its website.

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