Monatsarchiv für September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Music: die ersten Bilder und Spezifikationen

Sonntag, den 30. September 2012

Samsung wird in Kürze ein neues Smartphone für Musik gebaut und dachte für Musikliebhaber … oder für diejenigen, die sich dafür halten. Sein Name? Samsung Galaxy Music, und wir wissen nicht viel mehr darüber bis jetzt. Das hat sich glücklicherweise geändert, seit die ersten Bilder des mobilen im Web gestern am [...]

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580, 15,6: Ivy Core i5, 6GB, GT 630M, USB 3.0

Freitag, den 28. September 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 Die (M81E3FR) ist ein neues vielseitiges Notebook ThinkPad t61 akku mit 15,6 Zoll. Es läuft Intel Chef River-Plattform mit einer dedizierten Grafikkarte Nvidia Optimus-Technologie mit einem Prozessor Core i5 Ivy Bridge 2nm, eine gute Menge an RAM, eine schöne Speicherplatz und USB 3.0 verbunden. Es scheint unter 600 [...]

Apple New In/Out Earphone

Freitag, den 21. September 2012

Like everything Apple, the iHead Headphone concept looks at unifying the process into functionality. It marries the music player with the headphone and gives you the option of listening to it out loud. So speakers, headphones and player all rolled into one! Say let’s get a tasty bite out of this juicy [...]

HP Pavilion dv7-7161sf, 17.3 “: Core i5 Ivy Bridge, GT 630M, 750GB, USB 3.0,

Donnerstag, den 20. September 2012

The HP Pavilion dv7-7161sf laptop is a versatile large format that incorporates an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge, a dedicated graphics card Nvidia midrange, a nice storage space, USB 3.0 and audio solution signed Beats, all less than 700 euros platform Intel Chief River. All the most important thing is its [...]

Sony Vaio Z11X9: a more “affordable” ultra-high-end notebook

Mittwoch, den 19. September 2012

Parallel to the Vaio Z11Z9 we told you about in this article, Sony also sells a version a bit more affordable than its ultra-portable high-end Vaio Z11X9.
Priced at less than € 1,800, including or, the Vaio Z11X9 displays a more affordable price than the Vaio Z11Z9. The configuration is certainly [...]

Wireless Picture Frame for iPhone Instagramme

Sonntag, den 9. September 2012

The photo app Instagram to get your own digital picture frame. In addition to the weekly show of gadget: A keyboard with additional displays and a nice, fast hard drive.
A digital photo frame with a direct line to Instagram? Find more than 1500 people a good idea to have already contributed [...]

Kindle Fire HD: How Amazon wants to beat the Nexus 7

Samstag, den 8. September 2012

With the Kindle Fire, Amazon HD dares first time with its own hardware on the U.S. borders. The customer, the Group tries to provide as much comfort as possible consumption.
Last year, Amazon had even shown us: With the Kindle Fire delivered the online department store a perfect tablet for consuming digital content, [...]

New Toshiba Satellite Ultrabook U940 U840W release

Donnerstag, den 6. September 2012

Toshiba also has deployed all its arsenal at IFA 2012. The company introduced its range Satellites with U840W ultrabook and hybrid ‘tablet’ and ‘notebook’ U920t (U925t in the U.S.).
Toshiba pa3534u-1brs also has deployed all its arsenal at IFA 2012. The company introduced its range Satellites with U840W ultrabook and hybrid ‘tablet’ [...]

HP Compaq 6300 Pro All-in-One, computer all in one 21

Dienstag, den 4. September 2012

HP introduced the desktop all in one HP Compaq 6300 Pro All-in-One, a team designed to save space in the office and the office and avoid the annoying cable clutter generated in desktop computers to use. This device with a 21.5 “Full HD and has a wide range of capabilities for prcoesador [...]