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Rechargeable Battery Pack Introduce

Freitag, den 13. Januar 2012

Battery Pack Rechargeable battery that can restore full charge by applying electricity. Such laptop batteries are also known as batteries or electricity. Rechargeable Battery Pack comes in several models with different chemicals. A few rechargeable battery Packs are prone to damage due to collect. However, independent living technologies provide a quality and durable rechargeable batteries.
Now, [...]

Battery Plugged in not charging and not detected solution

Donnerstag, den 12. Januar 2012

I have a Dell inspiron 1545 battery laptop, and when i have the battery charger plugged in, the battery icon says “10% available (plugged in, not charging)”, and if i pull out the cord, the laptop shuts down straight away. Can this be fixed, and if so, how? I bought this laptop new around 6 [...]

Depth of laptop battery discharge

Mittwoch, den 11. Januar 2012

The typical end-discharge voltage for nickel-based laptop batteries is 1V/cell. At this voltage threshold of approximately 99% of the energy is used up and the terminal voltage begins to fall off rapidly if the discharge continues. Discharge below the cutoff should be avoided, especially under heavy load.
As the battery cells can not be perfectly controlled, [...]


Dienstag, den 10. Januar 2012

The stars of last night and the wind of last night
Are west of the Painted Chamber and east of Cinnamon Hall.
…Though I have for my body no wings like those of the bright- coloured phoenix,
Yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn.
Across the spring-wine, while it warms me, I prompt you how to [...]